Зачем нужен кондиционер?

Кондиционирование воздуха оказывает позитивное влияние на Вашу работоспособность, Ваше здоровье, а также на бытовые приборы в Вашем доме.

Что может делать кодиционер?

Кондиционирование - процесс создания и автоматического поддержания в помещении определенных параметров воздушной среды таких, как температура, влажность, чистота и распределение воздуха.

Как правильно подобрать кондиционер?

Создание комфортного климата в помещении - комплексная задача. Выбор лучшего решения именно для Вас зависит от нескольких факторов. Вот некоторые из них. Обсудите эти вопросы со специалистом-установщиком.

Основные понятия

Несколько советов по выбору кондиционера.







CLIMAVENT company profile is present on the market for many years.
Meanwhile, after some efforts at home, we managed to impose in our field, and then, after recognizing the quality of services, to become a reference names on the market.
Our concern today is the continuous improvement of company image market, with high quality services to various beneficiaries, and the update professional binding for us and our employees also prerequisite to continuous competition in the asset field ..


Ventilation systems, air treatment plants, purifiers, air curtains - commercial, production spaces, fitness centers, clubs, kitchens, hotels, treatment facilities, hospitals (sterile spaces), theater, etc..
Provide beneficial whole package, ie: the design of ventilation systems, marketing components (fans, ducts, and grilles anemostate, etc..) Ventilation and the execution thereof in functiune.De warranty and also provide warranty and servicing facilities warranty services.
Also sell a full range of domestic and industrial.Axiale fans, centrifugal, inline, low, medium and high pressure, with flow rates up to 60.000mc/ora.Any dream in terms of fans and accessories, find the certainly to us!
The reality is that nobody do not like that after a night out at a restaurant or other public place, to return home smelling of smoke or worse, to eat because the smell came from the restaurant kitchen hoods due to functional or worse, inexistente.Nu May we consider the phenomenon of passive smoking, very common, even at the office where you spend 8 -10 hours everyday.We have satisfaction to say that after our actions, it can safely breathe!

Smoke or odor? It was once ...
Air-conditioning systems for small and large-from banality Split apartment or office, installation DUCT (by ALP or flexible tubing isotherm) and Fan Coil Chiller, industrial heaters, including rooms and refrigerators, blower, etc.. Marketing (even importing certain segments), air conditioning systems design, execute them in the project, commissioning, warranty and service.

Everything for thermal comfort!
As beneficiaries of this chapter listed in the attached annual splituri aprox.1500 of the existing contracts with various retail chains and importers, so the domestic use in industrial air conditioning systems for production facilities, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Also, creating sterile areas for hospitals, operating rooms, using ozone purifiers, etc..
DUCT systems, unlike the split allow fresh air intake, which, after thermal treatment, is placed in conditioned space, air quality and composition is much higher.
Mari.climatizarea spaces are preferred by false ceiling is done, without anything to vedere.Sunt very quiet and reliable, making successful cold front (winter), with superior behavior split units in this well privinta.Merg in combination with ventilation systems, with the possibility of fresh air intake.
There is a possibility to connect to IU gas mode, which enables the heating gas duct. (120.000.Btu / h). The resistance group which becomes operational in temperatures below-18gr.C for electric heating option.
boiler, heating and sanitary, solar heating.
We sell a wide range of central heating system and boilers of all types of fuel (LPG, power plants, wood and coke, diesel, CLU, sawdust briquette, etc..), For which we are accredited by agreement with importers to ensure the guarantee.
Also design and produce thermal installations related to copper or polypropylene.

During the activities carried out to date, we have accumulated rich experience in the industry, guaranteed work executed works, some of which are highlighted in a section of this presentation.
Company staff, carefully selected over that period, offers the guarantee flawless execution of any work, regardless of its complexity, the design being provided by qualified engineers in this field, and execution provided by our team of specialists. .
Our teams of specialists are equipped with tools and measuring and control equipment, high performance, it created and a first condition for ensuring quality of works executed and for moving in time to work and intervention are offered company cars.
We believe that successfully cover the optimal conditions necessary for the conduct of business services, which is another priority within our concerns.
Hoping that our offer is worthy of meeting your demands, please contact us for details.